EMS: Efficiency Measurement System

A Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) Software

This EMS is exactly the same version as previously posted at http://www.wiso.uni-dortmund.de/lsfg/or/scheel/ems.
The previous address is no longer available due to a server change at University of Dortmund.
You are at the permanent new home of EMS: http://www.holger-scheel.de/ems/.






Features of Version 1.3
EMS contains various models for efficiency measurement. See the documentation for details.

  • Operating System: Windows 9x/NT
  • Accepted data files: Excel 97 or ASCII
  • Convex and nonconvex technologies
  • Constant, nonincreasing, nondecreasing, variable returns to scale
  • Radial, additive, maxAverage (=Färe-Lovell), minAverage and superefficiency measures
  • Input-, ouput-, non-oriented
  • Weights restrictions
  • Non-discretionary inputs/outputs
  • Support for program efficiency, Malmquist indices, Window Analysis
  • Reports scores, shadow prices/weights, intensities ("lambdas"), benchmarks, and slacks
  • Computing times:
    Problem size (DMUs/inputs/outputs) 49/5/3 400/5/18
    seconds (Pentium 133) 4 370
  • LP solver: Version 2.11 of BPMPD, a state-of-the-art interior point LP solver (Sources: Netlib).
    For non-commercial use only! BPMPD performed very well in benchmarks for optimization codes. Thanks to BPMPD's author Csaba Mészáros for the kind support during the development of EMS.
  • EMS is free of charge for academic users. I appreciate your participation in an effort to collect real world sample datasets with which DEA researchers can test their models, software etc. Please contact me for details.
  • EMS 1.3 is downloadable here for academic users only. The distribution is packed in a zip file (Download Winzip if necessary).
    The distribution contains the documentation, sample files and the necessary runtime libraries. Download ems_130.zip (4 MB), unzip it and then execute setup.exe.
  • It's recommendable to copy the file bpmpd.par in the directory of your data files.

  • Please use the following citation in your references: Scheel, Holger; "EMS: Efficiency Measurement System User's Manual" (2000); https://www.holger-scheel.de/ems/

If you have suggestions for further development or questions which are not answered in the documentation ems.pdf feel free to contact me at ems < a t > holger - scheel < . > de